Saturday, September 8, 2012

2012 AFC South Preview

The AFC South is a very young division. The division includes the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the Tennessee Titans, which are all teams in the process of building. The Houston Texas will have no competition in this division this season. The Titans will be the next best thing, and I actually love Jake Locker as a Fantasy sleeper. The Titans will have a refocused Chris Johnson, and some new weapons the Titans have put in place. It should be a very fun conference to watch in 2012.

1.Houston Texans- The Texans have built quite a football team down in the Lone Star State. If the Texans can stay healthy they will be a legitimate contender to win it all. They are loaded on defense with one of the best defensive cords calling the shot shots. Phillips will have is squad ready to go for 2012. The offense is where the injury issues dwell, especially Matt Shaub, Owen Daniels, and Andre Johnson. They have the best RB in the game with Arian Foster, but he has even become known for getting nicked up. The Texans just have too much in the end.
2012 Projection- (10-6)

2. Tennessee Titans- The Titans should be an exciting young team to watch this season. I love Jake Locker as a sleeper at QB this season. I even have him starting in week 1 against New England at home. Chris Johnson should regroup after a very disappointing campaign is 2011. I also look for this young receiving core, and TE Jared Cook to really have breakout seasons. The defense has had some very promising moments in the preseason, and if they continue to play like they have, the Titans could be very surprising team.
2012 Projection- (8-8)

3. Indianapolis Colts- The Colts have been a big offseason topic due to the drafting of Andrew Luck with the #1 pick. You can't seem to o anywhere without someone asking, Luck or RG3? The fact is both are going to be very successful in the NFL over the next decade. The Colts have the reliable Reggie Wayne and Austin Collie for Luck to target. I also feel Donald Brown will be a big sleeper in the backfield. I look for Brown to go over a 1000 yds with 10 TD's in 2012. The Colts on defense have the same guys such as Freeney and Mathis, but they are getting older. I like the direction in Indy, but this year will be tough.
2012 Projection- (5-11)

4. Jacksonville Jaguars- The Jags just don't have enough of anything. The receiving core is improved with the addition of Justin Blackmon, but he can't do it alone. Blaine Gabbert has also proved nothing to me, and I expect this season to be the same. Maurice Jones Drew is of course the leader of this team, and his holdout has set him back to start the season. The defense really has nothing that impressive to speak of, but I look for some slight improvement on this side of the ball.
2012 Projection- (3-13)


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