Friday, August 31, 2012

Pick Of The Week: Boise State vs Michigan State 8/31/12

I started out my handicapping season with a loss for the first time in five years last night. I do believe that if Connor Shaw does not get injured, the Gamecocks would have covered. That being said I don't like to make excuses, and I plan to regroup tonight. Boise State is completely depleted on both sides of the ball. The Michigan State offense is also young, but the MSU defense is very solid. Isaiah Lewis is one of the best secondary players in the country, and he will be an absolute nightmare for Boise. The Broncos only hope is that the gimmick plays they are so known for can keep them close. I believe the MSU defense will create turnovers, and the Spartans offense will be productive enough to pull out a win. I look for the Spartans by at least 20 in this game.

My Projection- ( Michigan State-7)

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